The goals and objectives of the WIM Leadership Groups are to: 
  • Cater to the peculiar needs of Parish Pastors’ Wives, Female Parish  Pastors, ordained Female Ministers and Ministers’ Wives; 
  • Promote their (and their families’) success in Ministry; 
  • Promote Joy in Service and to 
  • Provide the Women of God in RCCGNA with needed Tools and Trainings to navigate opportunities and challenges they may encounter in the course of Service and Ministry to God. 
  • Provide support in life and/or death in active Service.
Click on the name of a ministry to view more information about them:
Ministries  Head
Pastors' Wives Forum 
Pastor Manita Fadele
Female Parish Pastors Forum  Pastor Funmi Obilana
Ordained Female Ministers and Ministers’ Wives Pastor Jumoke Kilo
Women Leaders  
Prayer Pastor Grace Okonrende (East Coast)
Pastor Mary Adefila (West Coast)
Programs & Events Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye
Publicity & Publications Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye

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