2019 Award Recipient

Vice President WIM Pastor Biodun Akinkoye

‘who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above ribies…” Proverb 31:1-31[KJV]

Pastor Mrs. Akinkoye in summary is an epitome of a virtuous woman.  God’s gift to the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), especially in Texas, USA.  A woman leader with compassion, virtue, perseverance, and dignity.  She exemplifies grace, integrity, strength, confidence, and humility.  She is relational savvy; despite her status as the pastor’s wife, and as a pastor herself, she’s everyone’s friend; she’s gifted with cultivating and developing relationships.

A nurturer and a mother in Israel; Pastor Mrs. Akinkoye is generous in resources, she’s been a helper of destiny to many; a giver to ministries, individuals and families.  She thrives in seeing homes blessed, joyful, and flourishing; a lover of children.  She’s relentless in prayer and intercession, resonates a calm and quiet spirit; she’s grounded in courage and strength.  She was a force that motivated a lot of people to go back to higher education; she herself went back to school at an older age and completed her degree in nursing as a registered nurse; she started visiting the women that went back to school; she buys groceries with her own money for them; she will pray and encourage them not to give up and to pursue their dreams while remaining respectful to their husbands.

She’s able to rally others to a great cause.  One of those causes was when Dallas hosted the RCCG NA convention in 2003; she rallied every woman including female ministers and pastors’ wives to contribute in cash and in kind to feed the convention attendees, and it was a great success.  She’s very hospitable and was a pioneer in feeding RCCG convention attendee free.

A multi tasker, a role-model; she has unparalleled ability to serve a community of people with unique needs and wants, and at the same time maintain her roles as a help meet to her husband,  a mother to her children, and run her businesses.  A wise woman and a builder; a humble and selfless woman.  She has this unique ability to reproduce leadership so that the work of the ministry continues; she’s a teacher and disciples people including men and women.  RCCG Texas parishes have multiplied, thrived and are flourishing because of a woman leader who knows and understands her position in ministry; a woman leader who loves and cares for all as her very own.  She has led RCCG ushering ministry both in Nigeria and here in the USA for many years, and continues to teach and train leaders. 

She’s a great communicator and a bridge builder; her ability to communicate a message in such a way that truth is not sacrificed, nor gentleness; she has softened hearts with her gift and ability to communicate difficult messages in a gentle and palatable way. 

We love you very much our own mother and woman leader Pastor Mrs. Akinkoye; you are appreciated.   

RCCG Christ the Rock Conroe, Texas