In 1998, 5 Pioneering Coordinators were appointed by the General Overseer of the RCCG, Pastor E. A. Adeboye. They were jointly charged with the National Oversight and Responsibility of the then 20 Churches in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, North America.


These 5 pioneer Coordinators and their assigned Responsibilities were:

  1. Pastor James Fadele – Doctrines
  2. Pastor Olu Obed – Legal Affairs (to include the Registration of RCCGNA Churches)
  3. Pastor Ajibike Akinkoye – Protocol
  4. Pastor Toye Ademola – Finance
  5. Pastor Ghandi Olaoye – Programs and Events

The RCCGNA National Women’s Ministry (formerly called Good Women, now Women in Ministry – WIM) was birthed in June 1998 at the Houston TX Convention by Pastor (Mrs.) Folu Adeboye (Wife of the General Overseer and Mother-in-Israel RCCG World).

Pastor Folu Adeboye handed the mandate of the RCCGNA National Women’s Ministry (WIM) to the following Female Leaders and personally assigned Roles and Responsibilities to each of them viz:

  1. Pastor Elsie Obed – President
  2. Pastor Bunmi Akinkoye – Vice-President
  3. Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye – Programs/Publicity
  4. Pastor Ada Okunade – Treasurer
  5. Pastor Folahan Adefope – Secretary

In June 1999, Pastor Folu Adeboye met yet again with all 5 Wives of the RCCGNA Coordinators and more, in Detroit Michigan to re-visit the mandate of the RCCGNA National Women’s Ministry (WIM).

In February 2000, the President of WIM, Pastor Elsie Obed convened these 5 pioneer RCCGNA Pastors’ Wives to a Weekend Pastors’ Wives Retreat at the World Marriott Center in Orlando Florida to:

– Fellowship, identify peculiar burdens of these RCCGNA Pastors’ Wives, Pray, and thereafter unwind in a light-hearted, fun atmosphere and environment with fine dining, great Cuisine, ambience and luxury.

This Retreat thereafter, held the last weekend of February every year at the World Marriott Hotel in Orlando with Guest rooms directly overlooking the Disney World.
Pastor Elsie Obed graciously and personally financed the Dining and Cuisine at these annual RCCGNA Pastors’ Wives Retreat.

It was on the Foundation of these Pastors’ Wives Retreat that WIM in general and the RCCGNAWIM Female Leadership Retreat in particular, started and was built.

After the RCCGNA Washington DC Convention in year 2000, our Mother-in-Israel added on more Leaders:

  1. Pastor Manita Fadele – Hospitality & Protocol
  2. Pastor Margaret Adeyokunnu – Prayer Coordinator – East Coast
  3. Pastor Grace Okonrende – Prayer Coordinator – West Coast
  4. Pastor Mary Adefila – Prayer Coordinator – East Coast
  5. Pastor Funmi Adewole – Assistant Secretary

At the State Levels, the Female Conventions held from State to State (DC-MD-VA, Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta Ga;) with Pastor Folu Adeboye as the Special Guest Speaker.

In 2003, the President Pastor Elsie Obed moved on to focus on other aspects of personal Ministry and Pastor Margaret Adeyokunnu was introduced to the National Female Leadership by our Mother-in-Israel as the new National President of the RCCGNA National Women’s Ministry – Women in Ministry (WIM).

More Leaders were brought on board consecutively with:

  1. Pastor Bolanle Matel-Okoh – as Treasurer
  2. Pastor Naomi Ajayi-Adeniran – as Assistant Treasurer

The WIM Annual Pastors’ Wives Retreat continued in Orlando Florida the last Weekend in February exclusively as a Pastors’ Wives Retreat even as the Churches in RCCGNA continued to grow and more Pastors’ Wives attended.

Under the Leadership of Pastor Margaret Adeyokunnu, WIM Annual Pastors’ Wives Retreat was opened up to accommodate and minister to all strata of RCCGNA Female Leadership Ministries without it losing the essence of its Foundational Vision, Values and Sustenance to RCCGNA Pastors’ Wives.

At a joint Leadership Session in Orlando Florida in 2006, it was decided that the RCCGNAWIM Female Leadership Retreat be moved to Atlanta Ga. for want of a more Centralized Location, favorable Weather Conditions, and affordability.

The RCCGNA WIM is the Umbrella for all strata of RCCGNA National Female Leadership Ministries within the RCCGNA to include:

  1. Parish Pastors’ Wives (Now Pastors’ Wives Forum) PWF
  2. Female Parish Pastors
  3. Ordained Female Ministers and Ministers’ Wives (to include Female Assistant Pastors, Assistant Pastors’ Wives, Deaconesses)
  4. Women Leaders and Female HODs

An integral part of the Female Leadership Conference is the coming together of National Female Leadership Ministries in concurrent Sessions Break-outs in a very relaxed atmosphere and interactive and positively impacting environment to address, redress and improve the quality of our Ministries and Service.

It is worthy of note that these National Female Leadership Ministries have always existed and continue to exist beyond the Concurrent Sessions Breakout at the Leadership Conference.

RCCGNAWIM Female Leadership Conference is working towards transiting to the RCCGNA National Headquarters in Floyd, Texas as soon as the Conference, Banquet and Delegates Accommodation facilities are ready.

The governing body of the RCCGNAWIM is the Executive Committee.

The Chairperson of this Committee is Pastor Manita Fadel – Wife of the Continental Overseer/Assistant General Overseer RCCG- The Americas 

The President of WIM (USA) is Pastor Margaret Adeyokunnu.

WIM reports directly to our Mother-in-Israel, Pastor Folu Adeboye through the Office of the Continental Overseer/Assistant General Overseer RCCG- The Americas, Pastor James Fadel. 

The VIRTUE Magazine is a Publication of the RCCGNAWIM. Part of its Vision is to publicize the Services and Events of all the National Female Ministries of the RCCGNA and more.

RCCGNA WOMEN’S CONVENTION holds annually during the RCCGNA Annual Convention in the month of June.

REGIONAL, PROVINCIAL AND ZONAL FEMALE CONFERENCES are held at a Date, Time and Venue decided upon as convenient by the Regional, Provincial and Zonal Female Leadership.

The Pastors’ Wives Forum holds 1st week in November.