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Parish with most Delegates
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2018 Award Recipients

Dear Leaders, please congratulate a multi-faceted, multi-talented and a great woman of God, who has impacted and continues to impact women of all ages in Church, Communities, and Nations. Celebrate a trailblazer, a virtuous and dynamic woman, a visionary Leader of leaders, our very own Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye for the Tribute of Excellence in Leadership given to her at the Women in Ministry(WIM) 2018 Conference for her Great Excellent Leadership Qualities.

2014 Award Recipients

Pastor (Dr) Mrs. Toyin Adebola Laoye

Service to others.
Financially prudent and honest.
Paid up two mortgages on the 2 Buildings her Parish ever acquired.
Leads by example.
Always on time for all Church Functions/Services and will be the last to leave. Takes up assignments even in various departments.
Not overbearing.
Very understanding of her Workers and Ministers;
Never expects her Workers to do what she cannot do or will not do.
Constantly guiding and equipping her Workers to improve and excel in all assignments.
Dedicated, Compassionate, and quick to respond to the needs of people. Extremely Caring and Motherly.
Has a tireless work ethic.
Loving, positive attitude that is infectious to anyone around her.
Honorable, Steadfast, and Obedient to all that God has called her to accomplish.
Very strong Leader and a good Listener.
She is presently the Senior Pastor of RCCG, Dominion Cathedral, Orange NJ She is the Provincial Pastor of NAR6 Province 2.
Holds a Diploma in Nursing from SCTI, Bridgewater, New Jersey,
Has a B.A in Education from University of Hull, Humberside, United Kingdom, Has an M.LS in Library Science from the University of Ibadan Nigeria and An Honorary Ph.d of Theology from Ministry International Institute in Tennessee, USA.
She started the 1st Parish of the Redeemed Christian of God in New Jersey.
She is the 1st Female Parish Pastor in the RCCG North America.
Has planted 16 Parishes.
Played a significant role in the achievement of the Heritage Home built for the HIV/Aids victims in South Africa by the AMNA.
Organized the “Bring Back Our Girls” Rally, pleading that the girls kidnapped by Boko Haram (the terrorism group in Nigeria) be brought back and returned to their parents. This took place on the streets and City Halls of Orange and Newark Cities.
Has great faith in receiving from God. Places a demand on God every year for a specific number of children and every year the Lord honors her prayer and releases the requested number of children and more.

Banquet Dinner Theme:

2015: The Female Shepherd

2014: Fruit of the Spirit

2013: Best Bible Character

2012: Hat’R’Us – The Most Spectacular Hat

Parish with the Most Delegates:
City of David, Atlanta Ga
They had 33 Delegates

Out of State Parish
with the Most Delegates:
Jesus House, Eastern Shore, MD

2013 Award Recipients

Pastor Funmi Obilana

Funmi Obilana, senior pastor of Living Spring Miracle Center (LSMC) of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), blazes many trails: a beacon of hope, a herald of the Gospel of peace, and a frontline crusader of righteous living. She carries the torch of her faith with a sincerity that is rarely seen in Christianity today, and she towers above many of her contemporaries by the choices that define her down-to-earth personality.

Her Values

A belief in the only true and wise God and in the doctrines of RCCG.
A belief that family is of fundamental importance.
A belief in being a good steward of resources and in exercising frugality.
A belief in showing empathy. A belief in unselfish, unconditional acts of kindness and charity.
A belief that honesty is the best policy. A belief in chastity and in marital fidelity.

An Outstanding Leader on All Scores

Integrity. She is honest about her intentions and about what she expects from her wards.
Delegation. She recognizes the talents of others and delegate appropriately.
Communication. She is able to clearly and succinctly describe her expectations and position, including articulating the vision and goals of LSMC.
Confidence. Her calm and confident demeanor, even in the face of crisis, is legendary.
Commitment. She demonstrates a commitment to innovation and excellence as can be seen in the quality of her messages, and she instills the same energy into her staff.
Positive Attitude. She keeps her team motivated toward the continued success of LSMC.
Creativity. She thinks outside the box and comes up with the most ingenious solutions during critical situations.
Intuition. She lives and breathes prayer, and she relies on the Holy Spirit for counsel and direction, as evidenced in the thoughtfulness and practicality of her decisions.
Inspiration. She makes her team feel invested in the accomplishments of RCCG and inspires an ownership mindset in her staff.
Sense of Humor. She uses humor appropriately even in challenging situations without panicking.

A Litany of Global Achievements

National Programs

Outreach efforts have yielded X parishes, including LSMC, Philadelphia, in the following states: PA, KY, NJ, DE
Community Harvest Program – Provision of fresh groceries to the needy in West Philadelphia on a monthly basis.
Teenagers Convention – An annual spiritual reawakening and capacity building retreat for teenagers.
African Praise Day – An annual Gospel-themed musical concert celebrating the diversity of African culture.
Building a Legacy – A multi-pronged community development and empowerment initiative focused on impacting LSMC’s host community: Coat Drive, a partnership with Macy’s that provided brand-name winter coats to orphanage kids; 15 Days of Service, comprising campus outreach, food distribution, community cleaning, and autism walk, and service delivery in other areas on fifteen calendar days.

International Programs

Commissioning of two borehole projects in Turkana, a parched community in Kenya, along with ongoing missionary work in the country.
Ongoing support of an orphanage in Nigeria.
Missionary work in Trinidad and Tobago: 3 parishes opened within six months, with plans to expand into other parts of the island nations.
Medical missions to Kenya

Her Legacies

Two borehole projects in Turkana, Kenya and the expansive Living Spring Campus that seats a multi-purpose facility, arguably the largest real estate investment by any parish of RCCGNA to date, stand out and are guaranteed to outlive Pastor Obilana.

A selfless unassuming leader, Pastor Obilana is very hands-on on the subject of practical Christianity, and her sermons and teachings reflect this premise. In her sixteen years of leading her local assembly, LSMC has morphed into a zonal headquarters, spun off several parishes in the states of Kentucky, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia, and is expanding regionally and internationally. In fact, Pastor Obilana’s growing international influence cradles remote places such as Turkana in Kenya, her home country of Nigeria, and the island nations of Trinidad and Tobago.

City of David Atlanta with 37 Delegates.

Pastors are: Pastors Joe and Yemi Takon

2012 Award Recipients

2012 RCCGNA Most Outstanding Female Leader Award Recipient

Pastor Grace Okonrende

A Visionary, foremost Female Church Planter & Evangelist, exemplary Role Model, birthed 1st RCCG Parish in London & Ireland, Founding Pastor & Co-Pastor of Pavilion of Redemption, Houston TX., Ministering Partner to mature Singles, Visioneer for Yoruba/English Parish in the UK, Practical Marriage Counselor, Persistent & Resilient, Deliverance Minister, Aggressive, Selfless, Forthright, Bold, Fearless, Approachable, Inspirational, Exemplary Pacesetter; happily married to Pastor Ade Okonrende, blessed with 3 children and most recently a Grandmom


Dominion Chapel, Stafford, Texas with 30 Delegates