Please note this is a new process. Please read the following instructions below carefully before proceeding.

 Click the Registration button below to REGISTER for the WIM Annual Conference. You can register as many people as you need to, one at a time. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Tell us if you registered for the 2020 WIM Conference.
  2. Complete your name & contact information
  3. Complete your parish information and select options for your 2020 Registration Fee and Banquet fee if you registered.
  4. Indicate if you would like to donate towards the 2021 Virtual WIM Conference. THis is optional.
  5. Click on Next to go to the payment page and complete your payment  information 
  6. Click on “Register” only ONCE to finalize your transaction.
  7. Click on “Add Another Attendee” on the confirmation page, to add more people.
  8. You will receive an email confirmation for your Conference Registration.
  9. It is important that you KEEP YOUR CONFIRMATION for the Zoom check-in.