The goals and objectives of the WIM Leadership Groups are to:

  • Cater to the peculiar needs of Parish Pastors’ Wives, Female Parish Pastors, ordained Female Ministers and Ministers’ Wives;
  • Promote their (and their families’) success in Ministry;
  • Promote Joy in Service and to
  • Provide the Women of God in RCCGNA with needed Tools and Trainings to navigate opportunities and challenges they may encounter in the course of Service and Ministry to God.
  • Provide support in life and/or death in active Service.

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Pastors’ Wives Forum

Female Parish Pastors Forum

Ordained Female Ministers & Ministers’ Wives

Women Leaders


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Pastor Manita Fadel

Pastor Funmi Obilana

Pastor Jumoke Kilo

Pastor Grace Okonrende (East Coast)

Pastor Mary Adefila (West Coast)

​Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye

​Pastor Omo Ghandi-Olaoye